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Did you know?

We can produce your own honey-hinted gin! Does your company have its own beehives? Or do you want to collaborate with a local beekeeper?

If you provide us the honey, we can make it work for a special edition of very local honey-hinted gin!

• Honeybeez installs your company beehive!
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Don’t look any further! Save The Queen offers two options of customized promotional gifts. Offer your clients, employees or just anyone a gift of delicious honey-hinted gin launched just for you! Showing you care for our planet by doing good will feel good. We’ll raise a glass to that!

Wrapped bottles

How it works?

1 — Choose your customized option and a 50cl bottle of choice (gin, elderflower or rum). Not sure about which flavour to choose? We’ll send you a sample pack!

2 — Get in touch! Tell us your story, and we’ll customize your bottle right to your needs. And we’ll tell you all about which product discounts apply on your order.

3 — Get your own customized honey-hinted gin delivered. Note that we also offer a door-to-door delivery service to your relations.

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