A magical coincidence

Back from Australia in 2015 — discovering the magical world of honeybees — Michaël passed the microbe of beekeeping to his old schoolbuddy Olivier. Soon after they made their very own beehive in spring, right on time to harvest their very first colony, yes they were very proud. It was one of these first sunny days, these two lads were hanging around the beehive, laughing and drinking gin, when suddenly the eureka moment came to mind of making the first gin ever made with pure local honey.

They knew they had a plan they were going to stick with. Master distiller Patrick Van Schandevijl from Distillery De Moor was loaded with enthousiasm and worked intensively on the first samples of what was going to call 'Save The Queen Gin'. Little did anyone know this magical drink was going to be exported to Australia after some months in business, full circle, right?

Today we're proud to announce we have 25+ belgian beekeepers, working passionately and caring with their bees on a very small scale. Yes indeed, every bottle of Save The Queen contains pure craftsmanship by our master distiller combined with the century old craft of beekeeping, often teached from father to son.

Being able to give back to nature and people is something that makes us happy and proud, every day. Save The Queen is who we are and is here to stay.

Made by bees, for bees.


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